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SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of the standardized college admissions tests in the USA (The other is ACT). It is taken by students seeking admission at undergraduate level in the USA. The SAT test evaluates the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates.

There are two types of SAT

  1. SAT General Test
  2. SAT Subject Test - It is designed to measure a secondary school student's proficiency in a particular subject.


SAT Exam Structure:

Exam Pattern

i) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Total Marks - 800
Reading Test - 52 standard multiple-choice questions
Time Allotted - 65 minutes
Writing & Language Test - 44 standard multiple - choice
Time Allotted - 35 minutes

ii) Mathematics

Total Marks - 800
No Calculator - 25 questions
Time Allotted - 25 minutes
Calculator - 38 questions
Time Allotted - 55 minutes

iii) Essay (Optional and Separate)

Score - 2 to 8 scale
1 evidence based essay
Time Allotted - 50 minutes

Total Time

SAT without Essay - 3 hours
SAT with Essay - 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Nature of Exam

Paper Based Test (PBT)

Total Scores

SAT score is out of 1600


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Test Fees

SAT with Essay $106
SAT without Essay $94

Frequency of Test

SAT General Test - October, December, March, and May. 
SAT Subject Test - October, November, December, May, and June.

Score Validity

5 Years

Score Reporting

There is a provision of reporting your SAT test scores to a maximum of four universities of your choice until 9 days after the test, the cost of which is built into the SAT test fee you pay.

Additional Test Score Reporting Fees

US $12

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