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Puja at RCEC
Puja at RCEC

June 14, 2023

Yesterday, at the renowned RCEC, a sacred gathering took place, where devotees immersed themselves in the divine atmosphere. The spiritual journey commenced with the recitation of the revered Chandi Paath, invoking the cosmic energy of the Goddess. Following this, the enchanting echoes of Rudri filled the air, resonating with prayers and gratitude towards Lord Shiva. The culmination of the blissful ceremony came in the form of the Satya Narayan puja, a celebration of truth and righteousness. Amidst this sacred ambiance, devotees sought the benevolence and blessings of the divine entities, feeling an overwhelming sense of devotion and spirituality that elevated their souls. @RCEC #DivineBlessings #PiousVibes






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